Space Gypsy

I’ll bet you didn’t know that Bionaut was conceived to sound like Space Ritual era Hawkwind without Brock, Nik, Lemmy, King, and Calvert… just Dik and Del with the occasional Stacia thrown in for good measure. We love all the rest of the boys, though, and seeing Unkle Nik touring the US again must be a sign of good things to come! Oh, if you’re in Brooklyn tonight, get over to St. Vitus to catch him… and you may see Paul putting a bit of Dik into the band!


Nik is coming to NYC. Don't miss it!

Nik is coming to NYC. Don’t miss it!


Synthesize Me

“Hose me down, I’m a phenomenon.” – Paul Eggleston

Synthesize Me

Paul Eggleston on stage opening for Hawkwind in New Haven in 1995.


Pöp Music for People Turning Blue

We’re gonna need a bigger boat.

090104 Bionaut Barn Image big


Chillin’ ‘em Down for DJ Spooky

Check out this video we made a few years back for our song ‘Fridge Full of Leonard Cohen’. It was produced/edited by Christopher Seufert from live footage made by Bruce Maclean and Steve Wyeth at the Cloudwatch event in Baltimore that we played.

Cloudwatch was a great event! We played right before DJ Spooky, who is essentially the anti-Paul Eggleston. Those two really should have had a chat, but one Paul was busy scoring drugs and the other Paul had his nose in a book all night as far as I can remember. Ships.

We sent a copy of this ‘Leonard’ video to a radio guy in Moscow who got it into rotation on a nationally broadcast music video station. For years I used to get emails from Siberia from guys asking me to send them free copies of our CD. Always very charming. I would send them via regular post. Months later I’d get an emails from the a recipient telling me how incredible it was that the CD was actually delivered by the Russian post office! They would always be very grateful and amazed.

Here’s the video…



Bionaut On Stage at 109Square

Wow! Just got back from the show at 109Square in NYC. What a great place! Awesome people there putting the show on with us. Thank you very very very much to Brian and Antoine whose hands-on support was exceedingly excellent! Thank you very very very much to all the peeps that made it happen… Brian Rogers for booking us and the admin staff of Julio Montero, Chris Davis, and Connie Baker for greasing the skids. We’ve done a lot of shows at this point in our careers, and we’ve found that you tend to get people that are either enthusiastic or competent. You rarely find both qualities together, and this place is one of those exceptions. Everybody is spot on! 109Square is a new venue, and anyone in the area should check it out.

I’ll be posting some photos and some music from the show after I’ve had a little chat with my growler. It’s a satanic beer thing, you wouldn’t understand.


Come Vacuum the Prophet

Bionaut packs their mascots for New York.

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